Amy Hackney Blackwell is coordinator of the South Carolina Plant Conservation Alliance. She is also webmaster of this website,

Amy  earned her Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Science from Clemson in 2013, working with Patrick McMillan on reforming the South Carolina Botanical Garden as a modern scientific institution. She, Patrick, and her husband Christopher Blackwell (Furman University, Dept. of Classics) work together on their historical botany project, Botanica Caroliniana, which is working on reassembling a digital collections of plant materials collected in the Carolinas in the colonial days and held today in collections in Europe. Amy is also a former lawyer (recovering lawyer?) and a writer. Her academic research focuses partly on the legal regime governing the ownership and international exchange of genetic materials (Convention on Biological Diversity, etc.) Her writing credits include Mythology for Dummies, LSAT for Dummies, and several scientific reference works for the educational publisher Gale/Cengage Learning. She is very excited to have the chance to work with the SCPCA on plant conservation!

Amy spends her free time ballroom dancing and likes to hike in the Alps in the summer.

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