Plant Conservation Alliances

The SCPCA is patterned on similar plant conservation alliances that have been in action for years.

The New England Plant Conservation Program (NEPCoP) works to keep the region’s remaining endangered native plants from dying out and to promote their recovery by facilitating cooperation among universities and organizations that work with plants.

The Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance (GPCA), headquartered at the University of Georgia, has worked to safeguard and reintroduce over 40 species of rare plants in the state of Georgia.

The Plant Conservation Alliance is a public-private partnership of organizations that work to ensure that native plant populations and their communities are maintained, enhanced, and restored. The SCPCA is a Cooperator in this program.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) is an international organization of botanical gardens that are interested in plant conservation. As a global network, BGCI has access to a large set of data on plant occurrences, which it has organized into several searchable areas.

The Center for Plant Conservation, currently based at the San Diego Zoo, is dedicated to preventing the extinction of U.S. native plants. It coordinates a network of some 40 botanical gardens that work on plant conservation projects, such as seed banking, propagation, reintroduction, and research. Participating institutions agree to support the CPC’s conservation mission by maintaining species in the National Collection of Endangered Plants.

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