South Carolina Botanical Garden

The South Carolina Botanical Garden, headquarters of the SCPCA, is a 295-acre garden located on the campus of Clemson University. It is free to the public and open 365 days per year. Its features include the Bob Campbell Geology Museum, an art gallery, and collections of desert plants, camellias, hostas, and many other plants.

One of the most extraordinary displays at the SCBG is its Natural Heritage Garden. Designed by garden director Patrick D. McMillan, it compresses all the plant biodiversity of the state of South Carolina into a few acres. A visitor can enter through the coastal plain, stroll past a bog, pass through a Piedmont prairie, and end up in the cool shady mountains, all in just a few minutes.

The SCBG is committed to plant conservation projects. It is currently propagating Schwalbea americana, American chaffseed, and Oxypolis canbyii, Canby’s dropwort, for purposes of both safeguarding and reintroduction.

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